Chia seeds and Basil seeds same. fast Weight Loss With Chia Seeds

who are new to chia seeds and I’m just

sharing an insight into Chia and basil

seeds I will be showing both the seeds

how they look when they are raw and

after they are soaked

I will alsomention some of the benefits of both the

seeds and how to recognize them so the

big question is whether chia seeds and

basil seeds are the same you can see

clearly that they are not these seeds

have many benefits but both are entirely

different basil seeds is also known as

sweet basil seeds or subjacent now

throughout this Article basil seed is on

the left side and Chia

on the right so please keep this in mind

chia was cultivated by a stick for its

seeds and was considered as an important

food crop like corn basil plant is

worshipped in India and is considered as

a symbol of hospitality some basic

difference between Chia

and basil seeds

the herb basil is scientifically known

as ocimum basilicum and it is native to

India and the Mediterranean regions

basil seeds are used along with milk

water and sugar the botanical name of

chia plant is salvia hispanica and it is

native to central and southern Mexico

and Guatemala the seeds of this plant

were popular in Asetek and Mayan culture

and were consumed mainly as energy food

you can simply add them to salads or

sprinkle them on breads and puddings

basil seeds are black in color

while chia can be white gray brown or

black or even a mix of these colors now

in appearance basil seeds are tiny and

elongated not round they swell much

faster than chia when soaked in water

after absorbing water they become larger

than soaked chia seeds chia seeds are

small and oval they look somewhat like

Semmy seeds but they are not as flat as

sesame seeds now how to consume these

seeds basil seeds should be consumed

only after soaking in water they form a

gelatinous thick mass they are mostly

added to drinks milkshakes chia seeds

they expand and form into a Musil a

genius mass when soaked in water when

taken before meal it can curb overeating

and thus helps to maintain weight chia

seeds can be eaten raw and that is why I

mentioned that they are sprinkled on

salads puddings etc but they can also be

consumed after soaking or you can even

grind them in smoothies and shakes

I have already shared Articles of smoothie

recipes where I am using chia seeds I

will give the links of those Articles down

below in the description box please do

check it out the floor obtained by

grinding the chia seeds is also used to

make bread and muffins it is used as a

binder or an egg replacer you can also

make chia sprouts and use it as a snack

regarding basil seeds once they are

soaked and form into a thick mass they

make a filling drink with regard to chia

seeds when they are soaked in water they

absorb water and make the drink quite

thick the drink can keep you saturated

and can reduce your appetite basil seeds

are mainly known for their cooling and

filling effect they are also rich in

iron while chia seeds are mainly used as

energy boosters runners and warriors in

ancient times were given chia seeds to

maintain the strength and stamina chia

means strength while basal means royal

they can make your food royal and make

you stronger so guys these are some of

the basic differences between chia seeds

and basil seeds I’ll also be showing you

the time it takes for both the seeds to

get soaked when added to water okay now

I am added same quantity of both the

seeds in a glass and added same amount

of water now I am setting the timer for

20 minutes after 2 minutes you can see

that the basil seeds or sub jassi’s has

swelled up

but the chia seeds has not twenty

minutes later the chia seeds are almost

swelled up and the basil seeds are

completely swelled up and has formed

into a thick gel now I have transferred

them both

into a bowl and also added some extra

water so that you can clearly see how

both the seeds look after 30 minutes of

soaking the left one is basil and the

right one is chia

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