India’s total number of coronavirus cases crosses 9 million

Provided by Health workers and relatives carry the body of a COVID- victim for cremation in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Nov. , . India’s total number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began has crossed million. Nevertheless the country’s new daily cases have seen a steady decline for weeks now and the total number of […]

Bhai Jeevan Jain: A True Story About Bhai Jeevan Jai

The Human Boday, often called Boday Man is the male counterpart of the Human Bhai. The Bhai is a Hindu term that refers to a Hindu brother who lives with a Hindu wife in the Hindu family. Unlike the Boday Man who works in a traditional role in the household, the Bhai Man spends much […]

A Case Study of Coronavirus in Canada

A Case Study of Coronavirus in Canada During the past several months, there have been over 200 cases of coronavirus reported in Canada. Most of these cases are from Canada, but even a small number have been reported to have infected people in other countries. The coronavirus is an airborne virus that causes the same […]

Coronavirus is like a computer virus

The Coronavirus virus has recently broken out in India. This virus is said to be able to infect a PC and then show a pop-up screen that shows a series of ‘scary’ warnings. The warnings come up, such as: “do not open or click on this link” danger – you are in trouble.” If this […]

Sinarest Tab – what you need to know

Sinarest Tab – What You Need to Know The Sinarest Tab makes use of some of the same varieties with so many different herbs available for herbal tinctures. The base herb, Lemon balm, is used for both tincture and topical applications, while the salvia lavandulifolia, or Spearmint, is used in the tincture for external uses […]

India shut down its economy to include the coronavirus. it be now one of the most afflicted countries

A scientific employee in PPE coveralls viewed outside the emergency ward at AIIMS,on June eleven, in New Delhi, India. Sanjeev Verma | India s coronavirus situations accept spiked in recent daysfueling issues the condition might circling out of control alike because the nation starts to reopen afterwards weeks of stringent lockdown. India is the fourth worst-hit […]